Brain Map #2: Plant me in the garden

I took out my pen and began drawing the other day: stressed out, overworked, 12 hours into a 24-hour shift with not enough windows and too many doors.

I thought I was drawing a roadmap, something a little complicated and impossible to follow unless you slow down the car to watch where you’re going.

I thought I was drawing the skeletal treetops, more beautiful in winter, and the only view from my little window.

I realized finally I was drawing a poem. It is a poem about where I’m at, what I’m feeling, trapped in this once-monastery, in this cold January, where I live and work.

Oh, but this winter sun still shines gold and there are layers of warm dirt to discover beneath the frost.

6 thoughts on “Brain Map #2: Plant me in the garden

    1. I traditionally meditate usually between a half hour and an hour a day. Making these drawings are another way for me to zone out and experience my thoughts and feelings without attachment, similar to stream of consciousness journaling. It seems to work for me!

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