the art of letting go

We want to believe 
that if we set our intentions 
to develop 
into the sort of people
we need to see in the world, 
that life, 
or the universe, 
or whatever, 
will resonate with
the precise 
tools and opportunities 
needed to do so, 
to facilitate 
the love and learning– 
this learning to be human– 
this connection 
we crave so badly 
in our beautiful little lives. 
And if you’d asked yourself 
six months ago 
where you would be 
in this moment, 
every five-year plan 
under the sun 
could not predict 
how brightly you’d shine, 
how you’d erupt 
in full color, 
and sure, 
there are gray days 
and happiness was never a promise 
or an end state, understand,
life is a series 
of arrivals and departures. 
So say thank you 
to the lessons that leave scars,  
the darkness, the mundane, 
and oh, the joy! 
It’s all essential. 
It brought you here,
it paid for your resilience,
and your soul is so beautiful right now–
The art of becoming 
is the art of letting go. 
It’s trust. 

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